Why prenatal vitamins are vital for women’s health

prenatal-vitaminsPrenatal vitamins are very crucial to the development and health of the growing baby in their mother’s womb. Pregnant mothers have much more nutritional requirement than other people hence the need for prenatal vitamins. Women’s health is more demanding when they are expecting a baby. Prenatal vitamins are not a substitute for healthy diets for mothers.

When is the right time to start taking prenatal vitamins?

Most women start taking prenatal vitamins the moment they realize they are pregnant. However, prenatal vitamins are supposed to be taken months before you conceive. They are then taken throughout the pregnancy period and even after the child is born.

Prenatal vitamins can be prescribed by the doctor or bought over the counter. Most of these vitamins have no adverse side effects when taken in proper dosages as per the instructions on the labels.

Why prenatal vitamins are vital?

Prenatal vitamins contain all the important vitamins and minerals required for the healthy growth of the baby. When taken six months before conception, they greatly reduce the chances of having a baby with congenital disabilities. Medical studies have shown that most congenital disabilities take place a month after conception. This goes to show the importance of taking prenatal vitamins early enough even before conception.

The various nutrients in the prenatal vitamins each play a crucial role in the development and well-being of the baby.

Folic acid has been known to help prevent cases of congenital disabilities like neural and spina bifida defects. The folic acid is also known to help prevent hydrocephalus where cerebrospinal fluid gathers in the brain enlarging the baby’s head even before birth.

Calcium in the prenatal vitamins plays an important role in building strong bones and teeth for the baby. Iron, on the other hand, helps prevent cases of anemia that mothers face when pregnant.

Possible risks with prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins come with certain side effects that include:

Triggers allergic reactions like hives
Difficulty breathing